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How does Allopneus communicate with its partners via a Service-oriented Gateway?

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We needed to offer a new model of services for our broker suppliers so that we could easily adapt to the specifics of each of them. Our objectives were to have a robust and industrializable solution, to develop our technical base, to enrich our teams with new technical skills and to benefit from ACSEP’s IT and Supply Chain expertise.

We opted for a solution allowing to install easily, quickly and with agility the needed services. ACSEP proposed us Talend solutions that allowed us to industrialize and automate all partner flows in a Cloud environment with a service-oriented gateway. From now on, we communicate in a standardized language within a flexible, collaborative, secure and completely transparent environment.

As we now have a great potential for customization thanks to this new technological base, we have gained in capacity, responsiveness and agility. We have also reduced our development costs and are controlling our maintenance ones.

Mehdi Baghdadli, CIO & CTO of

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