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Automated and robotic systems

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Tailor-made support according to your needs

Automating all or part of your warehouse needs careful thought. What will the consequences be? Where to start? Which solutions to choose to best meet requirements and future growth?

Thanks to our skills and our daily technology watch, at ACSEP we can guide you through your major project and help you choose the right solution(s) tailored to your use and requirements in the short-, mid- and long-term.

ACSEP mecanization automation logistics supply chain

  • Help for the design and the solutions search,

Simple mechanisation: conveyor, in-line weighing, online labeling, automatic film wrapper, etc.

Complex mechanisation: stacker crane, multi-level shuttle, goods to man, palletizer, etc.

Sorters: cross-belt, pouches, tilt-tray, bomb bay sorter, etc.

E-commerce: sorting furniture (shelf), pick or put to light, etc.

Packaging: custom packaging, mechanized or not, etc.

Robots: shuttles, palletizers, etc.

  • Project management, site supervision,
  • Performance analysis.


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