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Developing customized turnkey applications

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ACSEP develops all-inclusive and customized turnkey applications. We take on the development and maintenance of applications, whatever the technical target (web application, windows, mobile, etc.), whether you want to create an application from scratch or simply extend an existing IS.

For example, we created a comprehensive and customized software solution for BlueDistrib called IzyBlue. The solution covers all BlueDistrib’s requirements, from its logistics platform in Maurepas (west of Paris) to EDI messaging with customers and pick-up points, as well as updating end customers in real time. It enables the numerous data exchanges between BlueDistrib and service requesters to be processed. It can also manage and track all flows, from the moment goods are received at the logistics platform in Maurepas to the moment they are collected by the recipient in their chosen BlueDistrib pick-up point.

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