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Hosting & Monitoring

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Maintenance in operational conditions

Time and real expertise are key if you want to manage computer equipment with different cohabiting technologies, follow developments in operating systems and database management systems, and keep everything on track in a smooth-running set-up.

maintenance ACSEP Supply chain logistics expertise

Why not let us supervise your systems? Or for added convenience, why not make use of our data centres? That way you can truly focus on your core business.

Focus on our hosting and supervision offers


We offer a 24/7 dedicated or shared hosting service for all of part of your infrastructure.

ACSEP guarantees you solution security and availability regardless of your environment (OS/400, Windows, Linux, etc. operating systems), database system (DB2/400, ORACLE, SQL Server, etc.), or management applications (OMS, TMS, WMS, ERP, etc.).



Our monitoring offer is built to meet the following objectives:

  • Be informed of an incident before users
  • Be informed before an incident appears

We have attained these targets by designing monitoring tools based on innovative and high-performance technologies, and involving system and IS experts whose main concern is ensuring the IT infrastructure is always available to users.

ACSEP provides this monitoring service for Auchan, Boulanger, C-Log, DHL Supply Chain, Habitat, ID Logistics, Intermarché, Kuehne+Nagel, etc.

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