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IzyPro WMS

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A WMS for streamlining warehouse management


IzyPro is a expertly-designed, functional and collaborative warehouse management tool aimed at all users, whatever their warehouse size:

  • Pure players and logistics service providers value its features and its intuitive design.
  • Food processing industrials are drawn to its Pack Tracking, which manages best before dates (BBD), lot numbers and serial shipping container codes (SSCC).
  • More broadly, IzyPro is used by the fashion industry (management of the size/colour constraint), the telephone industry (serial number management), the DIY and interior design sectors (wide variety of products) as well as specialized distributors or industrials wanting to optimize factory stock and track their products.

IzyPro, the WMS made in ACSEP functionnal quick to set up collaborative open user-friendly

IzyPro, the ultimate tool for processing and decision-making

IzyPro is particularly comprehensive and benefits all those involved in order fulfilment (warehouse teams, after-sales service, marketing, etc.). Available in SaaS or Licence mode, IzyPro covers goods receipt, the different storage phases, order preparation and shipping, inventories, traceability, etc.

IzyPro offers excellent visibility of the work load and crucial decision-making data, but also of automated processes and management rules designed to optimize production capacity. The software can therefore simulate intelligent scheduling or add value to one activity or another, for example, by enabling storage location assignment during goods receipt. IzyPro is also able to suggest streamlined routes and better order-picking allocations according to the different warehouse areas (aisles, mezzanines, etc.) or product families (fragile, heavy, non-standard, export, etc.).


A WMS with a simplified man/machine interface

The interface is very simple to use thanks to being developed around functional screens designed in keeping with different warehouse activities (receiving, packing, order preparation, shipping). Out with the keyboard and mouse and in with the touchscreen! Users simply tap on pictograms. It’s a real timesaver!


izypro wms acsep logistics supply chain reflex infolog

A complete WMS package

ACSEP offers a complete package, which includes secure hosting for IzyPro, on-site integration, provision (trough our partners) and installation of peripherals (printers, workstations, RF terminals, etc.), and operator training.

Lastly, IzyPro natively integrates with IzyWeb, our collaborative web portal for entering and viewing data, as well as a shipping station to meet labelling and tracking constraints for multicarrier shippers.


IzyPro is used by Adil, Cariblog ELS Group, Leisure’N Pleasure, LogFret, PMO Log for Ludendo/La Grande Récré, Mousset Logistique, Orcos Logistics, Packdis, Petrelluzzi Transit, Premier Air Courier International, Samsung Electronics France, SMTRT, Synchro Diffusion, Thouy and Veolog (Labatut group).


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