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IzyWeb, the collaborative portal

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A collaborative portal for data entry and viewing

IzyWeb, the collaborative portal made in ACSEPIzyWeb is a portal available to all supply chain stakeholders simply via an internet connection. Focusing on collaboration, it provides the vital link between the warehouse and its environment.

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IzyWeb adapts to all customer profiles and all operating set-ups to address the real-time issue:

  • During the launch phase, pure players can provide their service providers with information on expected goods receipts as well as customer orders.
  • E-commerce businesses can obtain package tracking information without installing a complex IT architecture.
  • Distributors’ points of sale can follow their orders in real time and confirm the proof of delivery (POD).
  • Industrials can monitor manufacturing dates and obsolescence for all their stock.

Natively integrating office tools into the portal for viewing, extracting and printing purposes enables all company departments (administration, call centres, after-sales, procurement, sales team, sales manager, etc.) to access the solution more easily.


IzyWeb is used by PMO Log for Ludendo/La Grande Récré, Samsung Electronics France, Veolog, etc.


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