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Logistics performance analysis

Cost – Deadline – Quality

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Operational expertise & knowledge of market solutions

Drawing on our operational expertise, our knowledge of market solutions and our experience in ratios and industry standards, we assess your performance and simulate different possible set-ups to produce operational forecasts.

ACSEP applies its three-pronged cost-deadline-quality approach to all these tasks.

ACSEP expertise métiers analyse performance logistique supply chain logistics

  • Flash report: 2 days to visit and identify if some axes of progress would justify a more detailed analysis.
  • Astonishment report: a fresh eye for simple and intuitive observations to identify weak links and axes of progress.
  • Detailed audit & analysis: units of work definition, time records, time ranges creation, highlighting the differences between the audited performances and the business standards, etc.
  • Simulations: alternative organizations, impact study, ROI calculation, removal of non-value added tasks, etc.

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