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Ensuring operational continuity

ACSEP provides 24/7 support to over 500 logistics platforms worldwide, in French, English, Spanish and Flemish. We enable our customers to maintain operational continuity by committing to SLAs based on resolution timescales.

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ACSEP offers two types of support:

  • Customer Support – registering support requests, determining the nature of requests, routing to the relevant troubleshooting team, incident management, continuous improvement (statistics and reporting, satisfaction survey, proposal of areas for improvement), etc.
  • Technical Support – diagnostics, workarounds, resolution, continuous improvement (statistics and reporting, proposal of areas for improvement), etc.


Customer Support

A request is efficiently processed when it is correctly identified and routed to the right troubleshooter. That is why ACSEP’s Customer Support covers such a broad scope:

  • Responding to and handling requests received via all communication channels
  • Effective and customized response to calls
  • Analysing and logging requests on an internal or customer-owned ticketing tool (ITSM)
  • Routing requests to the right troubleshooting team
  • Tracking all the requests in the ticketing tool
  • Communicating about progress made when resolving a major incident
  • Incident Management
  • Guaranteeing adherence to processes and SLAs of the various stakeholders involved
  • Carrying out satisfaction surveys with request submitters regarding the service they received
  • Communicating the statistics regarding our Customer Support service
  • Etc.

Technical Support

Thanks to an elite incident resolution team, ACSEP technical support can commit to its resolution timescales and offer a package comprising the following tailored services:

  • Customized support for applications, EDI flows, RF and voice solutions
  • Monitoring and guarantee of EDI execution
  • Opening hours geared to specific business activities, which can be extended to 24/7/365
  • Proactive monitoring of applications and information systems
  • Analysis of malfunctions
  • Creation of corrective action folders for the software publishers concerned
  • Testing and certification of patches provided by the publishers concerned
  • Change management thanks to ACSEP’s IzyPatch tool for installing patches and updates easily and securely
  • Remote support for implementing new parameters and/or new processes
  • User support for creating queries or KPIs
  • Managing requests, users and devices
  • Etc.

We provide support for companies such as Boulanger,, Distrimag, DHL Supply Chain, Electro Depôt, ID Logistics (see the ‘Spotlight on’ article below), Kuehne + Nagel, SD Log and

Spotlight on ID Logistics’s Customer Support

ACSEP has been managing customer support for ID Logistics, one of the leading European logistics subcontractors, since December 2017.

This particularly comprehensive service covers all incidents (five incident levels) and IT- and telephony-related requests, from IT or software disruptions to problems linked to the network, infrastructure or telephony, as well as installing a complete workstation for a new user.

As the first point of contact, ACSEP registers and determines the nature of the incident or request in ID Logistics’s own tools before transferring it to the relevant troubleshooter, who may (or may not) be an ACSEP technician

In keeping with incident management principles, ACSEP pledges to adhere to response and resolution timescales and is responsible until the incident is resolved (even if the troubleshooter is not an ACSEP employee).

The customer support service is therefore proactive regardless of the severity level.

Ever since ACSEP took over ID Logistics’s customer support service, the number of incidents and requests has halved, with an average of 500 tickets per week: 300 incidents and 200 requests. Calls are better assessed and better routed. As for the processing time, it has improved considerably.

Lastly, ACSEP sends statistics and reporting for customer support activities to ID Logistics. Incidents can therefore be analysed in detail to offer improvement plans and reduce the number of incoming incidents.

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