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The WinZen method

Scalable and collaborative

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WinZen is a scalable integration method that can be adapted to all types of project. It is based on a collaborative and common-language approach, which offers all stakeholders the same visibility on project progress.

This codified method comprises eight standard stages managed by technical and operational teams:

  • Launch – project scoping, project organization (defining roles and responsibilities) and drawing up a detailed schedule
  • Analysis plus design of the target solution – analysis of flows, attention to customer needs for designing IT solutions
  • Implementation – drawing up specifications, configuring solution parameters, providing and approving developments
  • Testing – user acceptance testing (functional and technical)
  • Training logistics and/or IT teams (go to Training page)
  • Go-live preparation – database initialization, organizing the mock go-live, scheduling roll-out tasks
  • Go-live – data transfer, roll-out support
  • Close-out – post-deployment follow-up, functional and technical support, post-project evaluation meeting (lessons learned)

WinZen is fully compatible with the various tools used by ACSEP and its partners, adapting to the solution you choose to integrate. Salesforce provides agility in terms of scheduling or assigning competencies, Basecamp manages projects skilfully and collaboratively, and Sharepoint, from the Office 365 Suite, enables you to create customized portals for each project. It goes without saying that ACSEP can also rely on its partners’ tools, such as JIRA from Hardis.

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