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Logistics & Information systems

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‘Given that your employees are your company’s most valuable asset, it is essential to put their knowledge and experience to good use. However, it is equally important to continue developing their skills,’ explains Arnaud Bonnet, Project Delivery Director. ‘As a major performance factor, the supply chain and its information systems have to adapt to market changes, constraints and demands.’

Professional Training

As a logistics engineering expert, ACSEP offers a range of DataDock-certified professional training programs on how to optimize and improve logistics organization and performance.

Aimed at a broad range of professionals, from warehouse operators and order pickers to operations managers and project leaders, training is provided by trainers that are hand-picked for their teaching skills and subject knowledge and offer a goldmine of strategic competencies and very extensive operational experience. With robust experience, they benefit from continuous professional training and are professionally certified by our partners.


Tailored training

We have created tailored training programs in the following areas:

  • Warehouse activities – operations manager, team leader, quality manager, order picker, etc.
  • Your software applications (IzyPro, Reflex, Talend, etc.)
  • Your information system – OS, DBMS, programming language, query builders, etc.


A proven methodology

In our effort to offer the right training, we have developed a methodology which includes:

  • A customer needs analysis to accurately identify training objectives and adapt training to the target audience
  • Defining the key points of your training program, enabling you to gain in autonomy and performance
  • Assessing trainees using specific tests before and after training to evaluate the success of the training program
  • Providing training booklets, if required, to all the trainees
  • Evaluating knowledge via multiple-choice questions, questions and answers, training games, role plays, and so on to assess the level of knowledge gained by the end of training
  • At the end of each training program, the trainees receive a training certificate indicating the level of knowledge attained

All our training programs are followed up by an end-of-training evaluation questionnaire. We then analyse the results of these questionnaires to improve our services and customer satisfaction.




If you have any questions or would like a customized training plan,
please contact us:
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