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Logistics & Information systems

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Large range of professional training programs

Optimize and improve logistics organization and performance

“Your employees are the wealth of your company. You must capitalize on their experience and knowledge, but also develop their skill level, “says Project Delivery Director Arnaud Bonnet.

As an expert in logistics engineering, ACSEP offers training in optimizing and improving the organization and logistics performance.


  • Professional,
  • Made to measure,
  • According to a proven methodology,
  • Certified,
  • In English, French and Spanish.


  • Build in competence,
  • Professionalize your logistics,
  • Optimize and improve the logistics organization,
  • Win in performance.


  • Warehouse activities,
  • Warehouse functions,
  • Information systems,
  • Software applications.


Expert trainers
  • Educators,
  • Business & IT competency,
  • Strong operational experience,
  • Continuously trained with our partners.


Training for a variety of audiences
  • Logistics agent,
  • Project Manager,
  • Team leader,
  • Order picker,
  • Operations Manager,
  • Quality manager, etc.


A unique application for interns and HR to manage all information and documents related to training (convocations, internship agreements, booklets, exercises, certificates …).



Focus on the methodology 

  • Referencing the needs of the client and precise identification of the objectives of the training,
  • Evaluation of participants before and after the training to measure the effectiveness of the training through specific tests,
  • Delivery of training booklets to trainees,
  • Assessment of knowledge (multiple choice, formative games, questions / answers, situations, etc.) to attest to the level of knowledge acquired at the end of training,
  • Certificate of completion of training and level of knowledge acquisition for each trainee,
  • Evaluation questionnaire at the end of the session to improve our services and the satisfaction of our customers.


Our customers are our best ambassadors

We have been using ACSEP for more than 5 years to train our employees. Each year, ACSEP trains over a hundred employees through CQPI Logistics Agent training and business training around our WMS. Since 2013 our company has embarked on a logistics transformation plan to modernize its warehouses through, inter alia, mechanization and automation. The main goal of these trainings is to raise our employees’ skills and to support them towards more employability and versatility. The results are very positive because the ACSEP trainers are very familiar with the warehouse trades and related logistics.

Agnes Joao, Training & internal communication manager, ITM International Food Logistics


ACSEP has supported us since 2013 to train our teams, from the order preparer to the operations manager, through the site assistant. Through the two courses “Initial” and “Advanced” developed by ACSEP, they adapt to changes in our WMS and improve their skills. In total, nearly 60 of our employees attend ACSEP training every year, at headquarters or at our sites in La Ferrière and Villefranche. And their feedback is excellent.

Catherine Chaput, Training Officer, Kuehne-Nagel



The trainings can take place on your premises,
in a conference room at your convenience,
but also in our center within our head office in Aix-en-Provence



For any questions or to obtain a customized training plan,
thank you for contacting us:
+33 (0) 4 42 50 96 48 –

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